BT slashes broadband and home phone prices

In a recent maneuver, BT slashed the prices of its internet and home phone deals.


The change has been introduced in order to keep the increasing competition at bay. The price cut is also accompanied by overhauling and renaming of the three bundles under Talk and Surf brand.


The new deal offers ‘Get Connected’ 20Mbp broadband speeds package which was £7.99 for £7.49 a month for three months. The former package would after three months have been £15.99 but has also dropped to £14.49. The now renamed Talk and Surf package will also have 10GB download allowance and unlimited weekend landline calls.


The Talk and Surf Plus package, formerly the Home and Away plan, will be offered for £9.99 for three months, £19.99 thereafter from £18.99 for the first three months, £24.99 thereafter. This plan also comes with a 20Mbps broadband connection but with a reduced 10GB download allowance which was previously ‘unlimited’. The deal also includes anytime calls.


The BT Unlimited package, renamed Talk and Surf Unlimited, will be available to its customers for £19.99 for the first three months from £27.99 as an introductory offer. The package also provides for unlimited downloads and calls subject to fair usage policy.


Line rentals will be available for £11.54 a month for each of the deals when paid via direct debit and taken with paperless billing. All packages are subject to an 18 month contract.


The £0 connection deal on home phone and broadband bundles have been foregone by BT meaning new customers will be charged £50 for landline installation. This can be avoided by opting for BT Vision triple play package.


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