BT ready to share tunnels with rivals

BT has always been in the news for its issues and its latest products, so now they are in news for their allowance to their rivals to use their underground ducts and infrastructure. This one move could possibly boost the development of the high speed broadband network which BT has been working on for a very long time.

BT wants its rivals to use their tunnels so that all the other service providers also allow such moves and the task of spreading fibre optic superfast broadband all over UK. If the companies will try to lay their own tunnels then it will become a very expensive affair.
Other companies like Talk Talk, Tories and BSkyB have agreed to this move and they are in hand with BT to spread super fast internet. Shadow Minister for culture, sports and media, Jeremy Hunt said that if the conservatives will get elected this year then they would want to break BT’s monopoly of providing broadband in UK with a speed of 100mbps.

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